New Website Launch Foo! was in bad shape. It was slow, and it felt awkward to use. So, I decided to change things up. This article is about how we moved from WordPress to Webflow, designed a fresh look, improved SEO, and made it super fast.

*Lights Joint*

Section 1: The WordPress Issues

Before we dive into the cool stuff, let's talk about the problems. was slow and frustrating to use. It was like waiting forever for something to load, and nobody wants that. Plus, even the team at FirstMile couldn't use it for sales. If they couldn't navigate the site, imagine a visitor or a client – it was a real mess.

Section 2: Preparing for the Move

Preparing for the move, we had to structure and set up the CMS in Webflow. After exporting the blogs from WordPress, I uploaded the data to Webflow, migrating the fields. It was pretty remarkable how smoothly it all came together.

Section 3: Giving It a New Look

Now, let's talk about the fun part – making it look awesome. I took inspiration from GitHub's home page and Shopify's bento box layout. We wanted to break down information into bite-sized pieces, and the bento box layout was perfect for that. It's all about making the content easy to digest and engaging for our visitors.

Section 4: From Ideas to Reality

Moving from ideas to reality took some time. It took multiple meetings with the CEO, COO, CMO, and the Sales team to ensure we were hitting the right points and including the content we actually needed. It was a collaborative effort to make sure the new website met everyone's expectations.

Section 5: Webflow Makes It Shine

Moving to Webflow was like magic. Out of the box, Webflow is great for websites, beating WordPress in terms of performance. What was most impressive, though, was the SEO factor. We increased our keywords by tenfold, and organic traffic is becoming stronger day by day. It's incredible how much of a difference this platform made for us.


The change was incredible. We went from a slow and clunky WordPress site to a fast and sleek Webflow site. It wasn't easy, but the results were totally worth it. So, if you're thinking of giving your website a makeover, take it from someone who's been there – it's an exciting journey with fantastic results.

I hope this added content provides more depth to each section. If you have any further changes or additions in mind, please let me know!